Does He Like You?

Find out if he likes you. Not all questions will have an answer that is completely correct so choose the answer that is closest to how your crush acts in the different situations.

Don’t want to take the quiz? Here are some questions to ask yourself.

You like him buy you aren’t sure if he likes you back. Sure, he is friendly, but is there more to it?

1)  Does he know you exist?

This is probably the most basic question to determine how he feels. If he is your friend, or at least acknowledges you, that is a good start. If you are just pining away from afar, he probably doesn’t know you well enough to like you.

2)  Are you friends?

Friendship is a great start! You may be worried about being friendzoned, but the strongest relationships have a basis of friendship. Once the excitement and physicality of a new relationship passes, if you don’t have friendship you don’t have anything.

3)  When you talk, what is your conversation about?

Is it all business, or can you talk about anything? If the only time he talks to you is to get the algebra homework, he may not be as interested as you. However, he may like you and just be shy, in which case…

4)  Does he give you non-verbal cues?

Does he look you in the eyes, or look away when he speaks to you? Does he look for excuses to touch you or pay more attention to you than other girls? If he is interested he will be more focused on you when you talk, hang out, or just texting.

5)  Does he complement you?

If he is interested in you he will go out of his way to make sure you know it. By complementing you, even for no reason, he is trying to let you know he likes you. He will do little things for you, like holding the door open, to try to get your attention.

6)  Do you think he likes you?

Be honest, do you really think he is interested, or is the emotion all on your side? If the guy is confident and really likes you, he will make sure you know it. Look for the little signs and if all else fails, just ask him. There is nothing wrong with being bold if you really want to know. If he does, that is fantastic! If not, move on and find someone who is worth your time. You are important and you want to be with someone that recognizes that.

Now, that you know if he likes you or not, go out there and make something happen! Don’t wait too long for him to make the first move, make sure that he knows you are interested and let the romance begin. Good luck!